Friday 24 July 2020 is a Stress Down Day, a fun and easy initiative designed to reduce stress. It also promotes happiness, encourages help-seeking and raises awareness of suicide prevention. Research shows that 90% of Australian need to stress less – 74% of people reporting being stressed as a result of their work.

Here are some tips that can help better manage our feelings of stress:

  1. Incorporate regular Yoga, Exercise or Meditation session into the calendar each week- physical activity also increases your ability to retain the information;
  2. Reduce your intake of alcohol, drugs and caffeine;
  3. Set aside some time to organise your schedule, relax and pursue your own special interest;
  4. Sharing your feelings and concerns with family, friends and work colleagues may help you to ‘let off steam’ and reduce the feeling of being isolated.

For information and ideas to make this Friday fun at your workplace visit: –