The latest Microsoft Work Trend Index report, published in Sept. 22, showed that 62% of Australian workers reported being burned out at work, compared to the global average of 48% of employees. The report also revealed that 66% of Australian managers suffer burnout compared to 53% of global managers. Was your reaction just like mine? … OMG! So, what do we do to help lower this figure? How can we make real change?
Join us at the ‘Hand-in-hand: Make it happen… Make it matter’ LEAD’s conference to be inspired by the remarkable and internationally acclaimed, Vikki Reynolds. Vikki’s credentials are too long to list, however focusing on burnout she is well versed in the topic. For Day 1 of the conference we are pleased to announce that Vikki will be focusing on “Creating Cultures of Accountability, Structuring Safety & Justice-Doing in Community Work!”
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In understanding burnout and how we can take preventative measures to avoid it Vikki Reynolds will discuss: How our solidarity collective care and collective ethics of justice-doing are our best resources for being of use and being sustained in the hard and heart-breaking work that we do alongside people experiencing suffering, harm and oppression. This requires creating and nurturing relationships of respect and dignity and structuring safety to promote cultures of accountability. We need to consider our ethical stance, and how to work in solidarity with moral courage to keep ourselves ethical and show up for the hard work of keeping the people we work alongside at the centre.
Don’t miss the opportunity on Day 2 of the conference to hear from Ivan Clarke, a Barkinji man and specialist on working with Aboriginal men in NSW. Ivan’s focus is educating practitioners and service providers on maintaining relationships and partnerships with First Nations people that are built on trust and respect. His breakout session on “Reconciliation Equals Healing and Prosperity for All… Respectful Relationships For the Basis!” will assist participants to gain an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, ways of doing things correctly. Participants will come to understand that reconciliation is only one step in effecting change to support empowerment and healing which can lead to greater prosperity, greater wealth, and healing for both First Nations people and the broader Australian community. Participants will walk away with skills and strategies to develop and implement culturally appropriate, partnership-centred on-going relationships/partnerships that uphold the unique rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Although his communication doesn’t directly speak to burnout, harbouring respectful and trusting relationships at work are very important in the maintenance of a healthy work environment for everyone.
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