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Key Concepts in On the Run (Accidental) Counselling© for Family Support & Community Workers

Family Support and Community Workers often find themselves in situations outside of those covered through the acquisition of their formal qualifications. This may be more apparent for Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers.

The core of what we do is all about people; children, youths, families and communities. Most of us come into contact with colleagues, parents, children and families every day. While Family Support workers are not necessarily formally trained counsellors, they can often find themselves in situations where they need to respond to a colleague, a child or a parent’s distress, concerns or strong emotions.

‘Key Concepts in On the Run Counselling©’ is designed to Family Support and Community Workers (who are not formally trained in counselling), with an overview of the basic skills and confidence needed to respond more confidently during these times.

This course is not intended to replace formal counselling from qualified Counsellors where available. Rather, it is a useful addition to the broad range of skills that can assist you in your everyday work. For those occasions where you find yourself providing ‘accidental’ counselling while on the run between your clients and support activities, this course will provide you with a useful framework and practical strategies that you can implement to better manage these encounters. This one hour on-line course covers the key concepts explored in our one-day face to face course.


  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the On The Run Counsellor (OTRC)
  • Build on communication and response skills
  • Build confidence in using the OTRC model
  • Become conscious and intentional helpers
  • Understand the components needed to support effective OTRC

Target Audience 

This eLearning course is for Community sector professionals including managers, team leaders, individual and peer support workers, caseworkers, counsellors, social workers, community development workers and other practitioners who directly support vulnerable children, individuals, families and communities.

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eLearning Course


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