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15-minute Well-being series

Create a culture of wellbeing and connection in your workplace with LEAD’s 15-Minutes MIDDAY Wellbeing Series a 12-week Well-being Program

 15-minutes every Wednesday is all it will take for YOU and YOUR TEAM to create a culture of wellbeing and connection in your workplace.

 It is easy to be sceptical – will 15 minutes make any difference to ME and MY TEAM’s mental health and wellbeing?

YES, IT WILL! Research has revealed that short breaks bring real benefits…can make a difference to our performance and wellbeing.

The Challenge

We are all vulnerable to psychological distress. Employees are struggling to balance the integration of work and life, cope productively with uncertainty and change, and remain healthy in the face of setbacks. Most crucially, employees feel ill-equipped with the knowledge and confidence to influence, protect and improve their mental health. Being in a happy and comfortable state of mind is essential for everyone to perform at their best, at work and at home.


The Solution

15-Minutes online MIDDAY Wellbeing Series every Wednesday

 This transformative, practical wellbeing program will inspire YOU and all levels of your organisation with tools that can be used immediately to boost workplace wellbeing and resilience.

 Judy Lovas, Australia’s leading expert in relaxation therapy will guide you through the stages of well-being, focusing on a range of Relaxation Techniques:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Progressive muscular relaxation
  • Imagery breathing

Who Is This For?

LEAD’s 15-Minutes MIDDAY Wellbeing Series is ideal for any Community Sector practitioner, leader or manager who wants to learn and apply the skills of Mental Fitness to prevent burnout, stress and fatigue.

Ensure YOU and YOUR TEAM are invigorated to tackle any challenges with LEAD’s 15-Minutes MIDDAY Wellbeing Series every Wednesday commencing July 19, 2023

What You’ll Be Able To Do

Personal Practice which will lead to Professional Practice.

You will embark on a 12-week journey to learn simple, evidence-based skills to reduce the effects of stress for yourself and then apply the learning clinically.

Take a short MIDDAY 15-Minutes Wellbeing break every Wednesday to reduce stress, irritability and fatigue.


Judy Lovas has a PhD from Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney and an eclectic background in psychology, tertiary education, massage therapy, research and clinical practice. Judy’s keen interest in health and medical science plus her passion for high quality education combined to create Art & Science of Relaxation in 2010.

More Information

LEAD, ph (02) 9620 6172 or email

The event is finished.

Online Workshop


Wednesday 19 July 2023 - Wednesday 04 October 2023


12:00 PM - 12:15 PM

More Info



Online Workshop


Online via Zoom


  • Member: FREE
  • Non-Member: $30.00 + GST

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