NESA Endorsed Workshops

NESA Endorsed Workshops 2019-04-18T13:54:14+10:00

NESA Endorsed Professional Development for 

NSW ‘Proficient’ Level Teachers 

Available at our Learning Centre for individual Teachers and/or incorporated into your Professional developments days held at your School

Behavioural Impacts on Children Post Trauma
ADHD: School System and Collaborative Practice
Trauma Informed Classroom: From Right chemicals to  Human rights ©
Communication — Talking to Parents About the Hard Stuff ©
Accidental ‘On the Run’ Counselling  ©
Emotionally Intelligent Children: Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit ©
Healthy Boundaries Whilst Being a Supportive Teacher
Trauma Impacts on Child Development in First 1,000 Days
Multicultural Youth: Effective Strategies to Engage and Support
ACE: Adverse Childhood Experiences Sensitive Classroom for Primary or High Schools
Adolescents:  Managing Angry Adolescents Differently (MAAD) ©
Sexualised Development & Behaviours in Children ©

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