Linda Marsonet is a highly valued member of the LEAD Professional Development Association Inc. Board, serving as the Board Secretary. Bringing over three decades of experience in the Community Sector and possessing a diverse educational background, including a Bachelor of Economics (Accounting), Bachelor of Health, Ageing, and Community Services, Graduate Diploma in Counselling for Health and Social Care, and Master of Clinical Counselling, Linda offers extensive knowledge and expertise in her role on LEAD’s Board.

Throughout her career in the Community Sector, Linda has held various roles, currently serving as the Executive Officer at SAGE Community Services. In this capacity, she oversees programs aimed at providing crucial domestic violence support and targeted earlier intervention services to the community.

Linda’s association with LEAD is driven by a multifaceted interest. She values LEAD’s dedication to providing affordable training, which enables smaller services like SAGE to enhance their team’s capabilities. Furthermore, Linda appreciates LEAD’s emphasis on reflective practice, collaboration with services to identify their needs, and innovative approaches to achieving positive outcomes.

With her wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to the Community Sector, Linda significantly contributes to the success of LEAD’s initiatives.