Kerry Thomas brings over two decades of invaluable experience in family services and community development to her role as the President of our board. With a distinguished career as the CEO of Gateway Family Services for 24 years before her retirement in 2019, Kerry has been a driving force in pioneering innovative projects and initiatives aimed at strengthening families and communities.

During her tenure at Gateway, Kerry demonstrated exceptional leadership in various capacities, including casework, clinical supervision, and project management. Her expertise spans a wide range of family support programs, including crisis intervention, early intervention, and disaster recovery response. Notably, Kerry played a pivotal role in the disaster recovery efforts following the 2013 and 2019 bushfires in the Blue Mountains, championing strength-based approaches through initiatives like the Step by Step project and the ‘Walk With’ program.

Passionate about Strengths-Based approaches, Kerry has been a staunch advocate for empowering families and individuals to harness their strengths and resilience. She has fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation, leading Gateway to become a beacon of excellence in service delivery.

Beyond her role at Gateway, Kerry was a regional representative to Fams NSW for many years representing the interests of family services in the Nepean, Blue Mountains areas. Kerry took a leading role as a family services representative on the innovative whole of government Families NSW Project and the Nepean FNSW IG as well as the Co-designed Linker network project. Kerry was instrumental in establishing the Blue Mountains Stronger Families Alliance and was also a founding member of the Blue Mountains Consortium which delivered the NSW FaCS Brighter Futures program.

As the President of our board, Kerry’s visionary leadership and commitment to excellence continue to inspire and guide our organisation toward greater impact and success.