Trauma and Resistance: Innovative Responses to Oppression, Violence and Suffering

//Trauma and Resistance: Innovative Responses to Oppression, Violence and Suffering
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In this experiential workshop, Vikki offers an alternative approach to work with ‘trauma’, from a decolonising anti-oppression stance which focuses on the resistance of victims of violence and oppression as opposed to attending primarily to the details of the trauma, which can be retraumatizing for both the person and the front-line worker. Resisting the neutral and medicalized language of “trauma”, we will name systemic contexts of social injustice that are often hidden in individualised talk.

Honouring the wisdom of the people we work alongside in their responses to trauma brings forward their agency and wisdom. Locating sites of resistance and witnessing the resistance capacities of the people we work alongside, can create identities of knowledge, autonomy and strength, as opposed to victim/survivor identities, or other spoiled identities.

Who should attend this workshop?

Special LEAD Members Only Event 


Vikki Reynolds

Vikki Reynolds PhD RCC is an internationally renowned activist/therapist who works to bridge the worlds of social justice activism with community work & therapy.


Members: $180+GST. Morning tea and lunch provided. Please advise of special dietary needs, or other needs when you register online.



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