As service providers in the Family and Communities Sector start their recommissioning activities with DCJ, there will be an increased focus on ‘change’ in many organisations.

Kerry Palejs, CEO of LEAD, has led many organisations and teams through periods of significant change. Last week she shared her Top 10 Tips and questions to consider as you prepare to manage the change process effectively.

This week she shares her Top 10 Key Mindsets for leading change:

  • Change is life- that which lives…. changes/adapts.
  • In all change there is some loss– be prepared for some ‘collateral damage’.
  • Resistance is normal, natural and necessary- align your responses to the norm, not the unexpected.
  • Resistance is directly proportional to investment in the past or current state-the longer the history the greater the challenge to change will be.
  • Resistance increases with pressure- the hard you push the harder people will push back.
  • Pressure yields compliance, not a commitment- going through the actions is not the same as embracing the change.
  • Investment and Participation Yield commitment- the path of least resistance is not always the best path.
  • All change is choice- individual choice- there is no definitive right or wrong, it may be that others believe in something that you don’t believe.
  • Each individual must find their own way/journey- your role is to support and guide, not push and pull.
  • Change will happen with or without you- so don’t get in your own way.