As the CEO of a small not-for-profit organisation I get to wear many hats; juggling marketing, governance, HR, strategic planning… and that’s just before lunch!

One of the perks of the role is getting to meet totally amazing and awesome people, like Vikki Reynolds. Vikki joined us last week and gave three hugely popular and insightful workshops in Parramatta and Katoomba. The feedback from participants of these workshops (Looking at the Darkness in our Work, Understanding Our Responses to Loss and Hardships from a Place of Dignity and Hope, Trauma and Resistance: Witnessing Social Injustice and Violence and Resistance: Working Together to Transform the Culture of Violence and Rape) has been overwhelmingly positive. Vikki’s unique lived life, combined with her academic background (she has a PhD and is an Adjunct Professor in her home county of Canada), topped off with her engaging personality ensures that all of her workshops resonant, inform, educate and challenge each participant.

On the weekend I got to be Vikki’s unofficial Tour Guide, as we went on a bush walk at Scenic World (Katoomba), then to Flat Rock (Wentworth Falls), followed by lunch in Glenbrook and finishing the day at Darling Harbour. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be in her company for the day, and to show off our spectacular Blue Mountains and our harbour-side capital.

If you are like me, and want MORE of Vikki’s workshops, then stay tuned. We have already started planning her next visit for 2018!

Kerry Palejs Vikki Reynolds