How hot is it here?

Whew! Yesterday was the hottest day ever recorded out at Penrith, near where I live in the western suburbs of Sydney. The absolutely hottest day on record peaked at 46.9° Celsisus. (that’s 116° Fahrenheit).

Hit rewind to this time three years ago and I was working in Milwaukee during a ‘polar vortex’ (the opposite to our heat-wave), trying to make my way through thigh-high snow drifts and temperatures down to minus 26°C (a chilly – 15°F).

What struck me about these extreme temperatures that I experienced was the reminder that Mother Nature still has this amazing power over our lives. We may think that we live in this fast paced, digital, computerised, global world that we are in control of, but of course, the reality is far from that.

These days of extreme weather conditions – whether you believe in global warming or not – are reminders of how insignificant we humans are. Regardless of what was happening locally, nationally or globally, the number one topic being discussed everywhere in Sydney yesterday was the weather. Mother nature was reminding us of her power.

Of course, surviving extreme weather conditions like this comes down to planning and preparation, and taking heed of the warnings those with that expert knowledge shared with us. This is a lesson we can apply to our lives each and every day, regardless of the weather.

Make sure we are prepared and have done our planning. Take note of the experts. We can apply this to our financial affairs, our career plans, our relationships and our health.

Perhaps by applying these lessons from Mother Nature, we can ensure the year ahead will be our best ever.

Stay cool, or keep warm; wherever you are today, and have a great 2017!

Nepean River Penrith