Sunday 14th June is World Blood Donor Day! On this date every year we thank those who voluntarily (and without any payment) donate their life-saving blood, and raise the awareness of the need for regular blood donations. This is something that I just took for granted, until my son was born. He required a full blood transfusion when he was only 24 hours old. I recall sitting next to his humidicrib, watching a stranger’s blood being transferred in to his little body, 5 mls at a time, and feeling so grateful that someone had found the time to donate some of their precious blood. My son has grown into a totally awesome young man, but I have never forgotten how that donation saved his life. From then on, I have been a regular donor, motivated to ‘pay it forward’ to someone else who needs this most precious gift. In Australia, the Red Cross Lifeblood needs 29,000 donations each week!

Perhaps like me you have been wondering what positive action you could personally take during these challenging times. If you haven’t donated blood before, now is the perfect time to give it a go- it really is not scary or painful!  If you are a regular donor, then Sunday 14th June is all about you, and acknowledging how special you are! So roll your sleeve up and make a difference- it’s not every day you get to be the super hero and save someone’s life!

LEAD CEO Kerry Palejs making a recent blood donation.