As service providers in the Family and Communities Sector start their recommissioning activities with DCJ, there will be an increased focus on ‘change’ in many organisations.

Kerry Palejs, CEO of LEAD, has led many organisations and teams through periods of significant change. Here are her Top 10 Tips and questions to ask yourself as you prepare to manage the change process effectively:

  1. Lead Change- now is the time to step up and lead by example. What actions and behaviors do you need to consistently model?
  2. Create a Shared Need- Why are we change? What is it about our current state that compels us to move on? How will we prove this need for change to the diverse audiences that we need to influence?
  3. Shape the Vision- What will the future look like? What we do differently in the future? How will we align behaviours with the new vision?
  4. Mobilise Commitment- Who are the key stakeholders in our change? How will we influence their support and involvement?
  5. Address the WIFM- Consider the macro and micro aspects of the change. What will our response be to “What’s In It For Me”?
  6. Make Change Last- How do we sustain energy and commitment to the change beyond implementation?
  7. Monitor Progress- Are we following through on our commitments and behavioural changes? How will we know that we’ve succeeded or that we’ve diverged from our goal?
  8. Change Systems & Structures- How can we assure that the change becomes the new ‘norm’? How will the way we manage people, processes and resources affect or be effected by the change?
  9. Communicate Frequently- How will we ensure that there are clear and open lines of communication? How will we achieve transparent two-way communication structures that provide opportunities to vent frustrations, applaud what is working and seamlessly change what hasn’t worked?
  10. Celebrate milestones- How will we acknowledge that the change has been successful?
 Next week Kerry will share her Top 10 Tips for Change ‘Mindsets’