“Raise the Age!”

I am fortunate to have been able to travel and work overseas on many occasions, but at the end of the trip I am always glad to be returning home to the lucky country. However, this week’s ARACY blog made me stop and think that for far too many First Nations people, there is nothing ‘lucky’ at all about Australia. The data in this report should shake us all up: “This year around 600 Australian primary school-aged children will be taken from their families and their communities, and they will be locked-up, in prisons, in youth detention facilities”. In my world of white privilege, I can’t fathom the notion that children the same age as my previous grandchildren are being locked up as adults. The burden of shame sits heavily on me. I will be joining the campaign to Raise the Age. Will you?

To read the full article: https://www.aracy.org.au/blog/raise-the-age-gervase-chaney

To sign the petition: hrlc.org.au/take-action/raise-the-age