LEAD is partnering with the Australian Childhood Foundation to transform the practice capacity of the workforce supporting children, young people, families and communities in NSW.

Through a range of professional growth and well-being programs, our joint aim will be to equip and empower every practitioner with the knowledge and tools to effectively support healing relational repair and enrichment for children, young people, families and communities.

This one-day in-person workshop will provide practitioners with increased understanding of the impact of childhood trauma, the neurobiology of trauma and how it manifests biologically. By using the internationally acclaimed TECA tool, practitioners will learn how to provide therapeutically matched responses which are adaptable to the context of your role.  This assessment can be used by ANYONE and provides activities which offer opportunities for relational repair and enrichment.

Register for this workshop:

Parramatta (24 October 2023)

Springwood (16 November 2023)