Vision, Mission & Values

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LEAD Professional Development Association Incorporated (formerly known as Family Worker Training and Development Programme Incorporated) is a not for profit, non-Government association dedicated to providing Professional Development and Training opportunities to people supporting families in Western Sydney.

Our Vision Statement

To be recognised as the sector’s “Professional Development Association of Choice”, achieved through the delivery of evidence-based content from industry innovators, the provision of excellent customer service to members and non-members, and the development and nurturing of mutually beneficial relationships and strategic alliances.

Our Vision For The Future

Workers and services that are:

  • Valued and skilled
  • Evidence based
  • Child centred and family focused
  • Working collaboratively
  • Responsive to changing needs

Our Mission Statement

LEAD seeks to meet or exceed our customer expectations by providing the highest quality professional development events and training opportunities, and to be recognised by industry, employers and Government as the leading provider of these services. LEAD aims to provide these services efficiently and cost effectively in a competitive commercial environment.

Our Mission For The Future

To provide high quality, affordable, evidence-based Professional Development and learning opportunities to those who work with children and families in Greater Western Sydney.

Our Core Values

Respect for children, families, communities and those who work with them
We recognise, promote and build on strengths. We see the importance of their contributions to society at large and uphold their dignity and rights in all we do.

Working together to make a difference
We take time to build and maintain the relationships needed for making a difference. We concentrate all our efforts on what will make a difference.

We listen to those working with families about the challenges facing them and their related needs. We respond to their needs as they arise, in ways that are informed by best practice and current evidence.

Reflecting on practice
We continually reflect on what we do, how we do it and strive to learn about what works best. We promote this approach with all those we serve.

We are accountable to our membership, funders and the communities we serve. We are accountable for the quality and integrity of what we do and for the difference we make.

The Difference We Make

LEAD works with and for those who work with families. We strive to make a difference in the following ways:

  • Increased knowledge in evidence base
  • Increased knowledge in topic (by achieving learning goals)
  • Increased confidence to apply knowledge
  • Increased capacity for reflective/conscious and strengths based practice
  • Increased knowledge for inclusive and collaborative practice