This National Families Week let’s reflect on the connection between personal growth and professional development.
Personal development and well-being are the foundations for professional growth and is where core habits and mindset necessary for success are formed.

Personal and professional growth are highly individualised and can manifest in various ways for different people. For some, it might be like learning a new skill or gaining a new qualification. For others, it might involve improving professional relationships or increasing confidence.

It’s important for organisations in the Community Sector to take the time to understand how to encourage a growth mindset in the workplace, whether it is by providing training opportunities or offering ongoing well-being support.

At LEAD, we have a culture of β€˜family-first’ as we believe that at the heart of personal growth is the support of our families that motivates us to develop professionally and to learn and grow.
This National Families Week, we would like to thank our families for supporting and inspiring us to dream big….to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, young people, families and communities.